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Microsoft® Office Word 2016: Level 2 Course Description

Associated Certification: Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist: Using Microsoft® Office Word 2016

Course Description: This is the intermediate level Microsoft® Office Word® 2016 course. You will customize and automate the way Microsoft® Word 2016 works for you. You can also improve the quality of your work by enhancing your documents with customized Microsoft® Word 2016 elements. You will create complex documents in Microsoft® Word 2016 by adding components such as, customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. You will also create personalized efficiency tools.

Course Length: 1.0 day

Course Objective: You will create complex documents in Microsoft® Office Word 2016 documents and build personalized efficiency tools in Microsoft® Word 2016.

Target Student: This course was designed for persons who can create and modify standard business documents in Microsoft Word 2016, and who need to learn how to use Microsoft Word 2016 to create or modify complex business documents as well as customized Word efficiency tools. It will be helpful for persons preparing for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exams for Microsoft Word 2016.

Prerequisites: Students should have taken Microsoft® Office Word 2016: Level 1 or have equivalent knowledge.

Performance-Based Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Manage lists.
  • Customize tables and charts.
  • Customize formatting with styles and themes.
  • Modify pictures in a document.
  • Create customized graphic elements.
  • Insert content using Quick Parts.
  • Control text flow.
  • Use templates to automate document creation.
  • Perform mail merges.
  • Use macros to automate common tasks.